Skills, strategies, and training trusted by these fortune 500 clients

The ideas inside Elite University are directly responsible for our clients landing millions of dollars in new business.


Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of a global training company that has delivered sales, negotiation, and presentation skills training on six of the seven continents. He has personally worked with Fortune 500 clients, in front and behind the national TV camera lens, as well as successfully empowering dozens of entrepreneurs to escape the black hole of no sales. He is the author of several books centered on mindset, motivation, memory, and other dimensions of hacking the psychology of success.


Corporate clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for hands-on training that delivers this material. Private coaching clients pay thousands of dollars for one-on-one sessions to learn this material. Jonathan, himself, has used these principles, strategies, and techniques to book large sums of money for his own projects. Now the mission is getting these secrets into the hands of anyone who recognizes that they're ready for the ELITE life.