March 17, 2021

Creative Connections

I wanted to pitch my Mentalism / Hospitality services to an internationally recognizable brand name here in Chicago.

Do I just call? Send an email? How do you reach out?

Think in stages.

1st I need them to know me. 2nd I need them to want to meet me. FIRST STEP

I find out who THEY are by looking at their site, looking on LinkedIn and eventually finding their name. Do some background work. Where have they worked? How long?

Then I reach out via LinkedIn with a 2 min unlisted YouTube video saying hi. Using the video let's them know you're a human and not some automated spam service.

This is a *very* powerful technique.

Doesn't have to be a studio production either. A "walk and talk" thing is fine. Bonus: you'll know they've seen the video because YouTube will show you the view count. Now I can time my next followup properly. The second video is the ask:

"I want to meet to talk about how I can help you connect with your VIP guests. I'm a mentalist and I want to show you what I can do, so I'm mailing you an envelope for you to keep sealed until we have a meeting." I'm talking to the camera while I'm folding two pieces of paper, putting them in a coin envelope, sealing it up, and then signing my name across the flap.

Now I hold it up to the camera so she can see it better.

End video. Now I hand write the general points that I explain in the video while reminding her to resist the curiosity of opening the coin envelope.

Now I put the note and coin envelope in a letter envelope and mail it out the same day I DM the video link. A couple days later I get a message, "Now I'm intrigued. Please coordinate with my executive assistant to schedule the meeting."



I get there early as usual, and grab a newspaper from the front lobby. My prospective client is an international hotel chain so they have a special arrangement with a particular paper.

This is part of the plan. The executive assistant shows up at the right time to escort me up.

It's 3 of us in a room.

Director, assistant, and me.

The envelope is on the table.

Still unopened. We make small talk before it's "time to get down to business."

So what's the envelope about?

Go time!

I explain, "It's a little bit of fun and I PROMISE you that people in the office aren't going to believe you when you explain whats about to happen. Let's bring everyone in!" All the bored people in the office are dying for a distraction so now we have 15-20 people in the board room.

I introduce myself and explain what's happened: "I mailed that envelope 2 weeks ago and they've held onto it safely, right? You have no clue what's in it?"

They agree. Now the fun begins.

They open the envelope & dump the two papers on the table. I ask them to choose one and pick it up.

I take out a deck, give it a shuffle, and ask them to remove a card.

6 of Diamonds

Unfold the paper.

"You will pick the 6 of Diamonds"

Everyone goes nuts. IT GETS BETTER. They pick up the second paper. Unfold it.

They read.

They look at me and I nod my head.

"Yeah, I know."

I casually slide the newspaper to the center of the table towards them.

Everyone is looking at each other trying to figure out what's going on. The Director starts reading what I wrote 2 weeks ago.


The Director's hands are visibly shaking. Completely stunned.

They KNOW they've been holding on to it. I haven't touched it. There's NO WAY this is real.

But there it is. I say, "And that emotion that you're feeling right now? We can give that to your VIPs. Do you think they can EVER forget?"

(This is a technique to hammer my name home in their mind, btw. And it's also how I can literally make brands unforgettable.) I got the gig.

They booked me for a high stakes shareholder's gathering and it was a smash hit.

And that's how I got the gig. This is why I claim the title of World's Greatest Thought Leader.™

When you know how to play with curiosity, networking, group dynamics, and other elements of motivational psychology you can build strategies that people MUST engage with.

It's so interesting who would say no?! Now you might not be a world class Mentalist. I get it.

But you CAN be more interesting. You CAN be more creative in your networking.

I want to help you figure that out.

That's why I built ELITE.University

This is where I share the principles that make this stuff work, and I'm glad you're here.