Hunter Ray Barker

Promo Stuntman
Anything for visibility
30min 55seconds
October 4, 2021

Hunter Ray Barker is the President of the Stunt Players Directory, the film industry’s first-ever advertising directory for stunt performers.  He works with over 2,000 different stunt performers, helping Stunt Coordinators, Producers, and Directors bring the greatest stunts and physical storytelling to the big screen.

He is also the co-founder of Bullfrog Creative Agency, a marketing agency specializing in marketing stunts and events.  The inspiration behind the agency was to take his 10+ years of experience in the film and television industry to help business owners take their storytelling (and selling) to the next level.

In our conversation we talk about his background, how he plans a visibility stunt, and more.

Connect With Hunter

Agency: bullfrogagency.com
Instagram: @hunterthegodfather
Headlines: www.bizarreheadlines.com

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