Hide Your Crypto

How To Keep Your Wealth Safe, Secure, and SECRET.

Everyone talks about "not your keys, not your crypto." Then they tell you to keep your information secret before moving on.

This short course picks up where they leave off.

In under a half hour you will learn the world's most effective strategy for keeping your seed phrase secure where nobody will ever stumble across it.

This is better than stainless steel seed phrase backups. This is better than dividing your phrase across multiple off site locations.

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PS: Want to pay in crypto? We accept #BTC #RVN #XMR & #ETH. Preference is Bitcoin, Monero, or RavenCoin due to the insane gas fees on the Ethereum network. No sense paying twice the amount of ETH in gas than you're sending us. Send us a note to get addresses & details sorted.

This guide is created by Jonathan Pritchard: world-traveling Mentalist, memory book author, crypto artist, and personal coach to ELITE performers. It comes with his personal 100% money back guarantee.