March 24, 2021

Prioritize Connection

Today was spent on back to back to back to back zoom calls.

I didn't see a lead's email until 8 minutes before the end of the day.

And that's the way it should be.

Always give priority to the people who are willing to meet you at higher levels of connection.

One of my mentors told me:

An email is not a relationship. It's a phone call at minimum.

I have a calendly link that my full time clients can use to schedule a call at any time (within the boundaries of our agreement, of course).

Those are the people I'm going to show up for.

Email is great for asynchronous communication, and delivering points of information or facts.

Email is not ideal for maintaining a human relationship and communicating high bandwidth concepts.

In fact it's god-awful at doing that.

That's what phone calls and video chats are for.

The lead who emailed me tested a boundary by demanding I should spend my time the way they saw fit: email them right away!

Yet, I had given them my scheduling link that they could have used to schedule time on my calendar to talk through the opportunity.

It's an easy decision for me to make: always prioritize the relationship with someone who is willing to connect with me through the higher bandwidth medium.

This is a principle that I've used in my business and it works wonders. I know it will pay off massively for you in the present and future too.


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